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Boostra – Cloud Development Services

At Boostra we develop and deploy future-proof cloud applications at scale. Our team provides cloud consulting to let you walk hand in hand with the latest tech innovations.

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Cloud software development services

We offer an array of cloud development services that help startups accelerate their product development.

Cloud Application development - Boostra

Cloud-based application development

Build ultrafast applications that utilize responsive cloud architecture.

Cloud based analytics - Boostra

Cloud-based analytics and data science

Power your data science or machine learning projects by deploying them in the cloud.

Cloud Migration - Boostra

Cloud migration

Move your on-premise architecture to the cloud for maximum performance.

Cloud monitoring - Boostra

Cloud monitoring and maintenance

Track and manage your infrastructure to gain actionable insights for a better user experience.

Cloud Infrastructure - Boostra

Cloud infrastructure management

Provide scalability by acquiring insights into digital assets performance.

Cloud Security - Boostra

Cloud security

Protect your data and applications from malicious actors.

Cloud optimization - Boostra

Cloud optimization

Balance your architecture for improved resource utilization.

Cloud Automation - Boostra

Cloud automation

Automate cloud computing workload.

End-to-end cloud development services

Boostra offers assistance for every step of your cloud development journey.

Cloud consulting services

We cover a wide range of consulting services to help you implement a cloud strategy.

Architecture audit and design

Our team will assess your needs and pre-existing infrastructure to plan and prepare for cloud-native development.

Data decoupling

Unbundling your data allows it to be stored and processed on any cloud service. This also helps move the architecture to microservices-based architecture.

Cloud services integration

We connect your existing systems and applications with cloud services to deliver a real-time data exchange.

Deployment in the cloud

Boostra engineers will take care of the product rollout process. Assisting you on every step of the way.

Maintenance and continuous delivery

We continue diligent work on all our projects, constantly assessing and improving the state of things, introducing new features and keeping up-to-date infrastructure..

Why use Boostra cloud development services

End-to-end services

We help you build products from scratch all the way to a fully-featured solution. You can leave it to us to take care of back-end, APIs, integrations, deployment, maintenance, monitoring and UI.

Vast cloud services expertise

Our engineers have built dozens of solutions on the most popular cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. We are closely familiar with how to optimally utilize the resources they offer.

Radical cost-efficiency

High-load systems, big data projects, machine learning applications all have steep operational and upkeep costs. We can help you fix architectural design flaws to cut your spending.

Tech stack consulting

Our team will advise you on the most appropriate cloud services stack for your project. We will ensure your product development journey sails smoothly.

Loyal team of senior developers

Boostra team has been working together for more than 15 years. We have a throught-out engineering and organizational approach. You won’t need to worry about communication errors or sudden staff changes.

Readily available top-talents

We’ve established a strong employer brand within the local IT community. You won’t need to waste time hiring a dedicated team, we have seasoned data scientists and engineers on standby.

What our clients say

The team’s been very professional and responsive to our needs and was able to deliver the MVP under just several months. Later on, they’ve transformed it into a fully featured platform, which already proved highly scalable and able to manage high load. I’ve been truly happy with their work, high quality standards, and communication.

We came to Boostra with a demand-side platform that was costly and not scalable. Thanks to the team’s experience, we’ve cut operational costs and now have a much more efficient platform for our clients. I’ve found the team to be very professional and diligent, ensuring that our expectations are met through every step of the development process. I’d gladly recommend Boostra as a technology partner.

At some point of our business journey, we had a frustrating experience with our product, from barely managing its instability to fixing errors on the fly. Working with Boostra team, we’ve built a well-balanced MVP fast. It let us timely onboard huge clients such as Adidas, Tesco, Uber and keep up our growing pace. I particularly appreciate their ability to hire extremely fast and to generate great product ideas and improvements.

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Featured projects

Explore our customer success stories.

Building a high-performance system for a fast-growing startup

Dataseat, funded by Play Ventures, and SAATCHiNVEST turned to Boostra to augment their team with ML developers, cloud architects and DevOps engineers to build a custom AI-assisted solution in the cloud.

Boostra assembled a highly-senior team within an extremely short timeframe. The team delivered the MVP in just under 14 weeks after the project kick-off. We chose the most optimal cloud services to ensure the system could operate in a high-load environment without interruptions.

Our team built a scalable cloud architecture that’s supported by 8 c5.2x large servers that process 400k queries per second.

Boostra Case Study 2

Developing a complex AI-based marketing platform for ex-Googler’s startup

Ad-Lib looked to develop a cloud-based AI-powered platform for marketing departments of global brands. They had an unstable, non-scalable MVP created by the previous vendor. Boostra smoothly overtook the project, developed the MVP in under 4 months and ensured its successful transformation into a reliable product.

We optimized cloud infrastructure to keep up with the product growth and made the architecture more cost-efficient.
Ad-Lib was able to start aggressive sales and onboard huge clients, such as Tesco, Adidas, Nestle, and others.

ad-lib case 1

Tech stack for cloud-based projects

We account for your application workload to help you choose the most optimal cloud services and tech. Our team will ensure that your solution is built with scalability and resiliency in mind.


  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure


  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Terraform


  • ELK
  • TICK
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Cloudwatch


  • JVM (Java/Scala/Kotlin)
  • Python
  • Node.js (JavaScript/TypeScript)
  • Erlang/OTP

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